No Review-ish this week as I haven’t finished my current book! So a few updates instead.

At time of writing, I am ploughing my way through a thoroughly enjoyable book but its so deep and thought-provoking that I only get through a couple of pages before I fall asleep. So its taking me longer than the last few books have. But more on that the moment I finish it, I promise! It’ll be a really gushy review as I’m loving it so much.

I’m getting there with setting up a physical version of the Offbeat Book Club in Cardiff, which I’m super-excited about. Progress is being made and I’m hoping to be able to shout about it from the rooftops very soon. It was always my intention to run a book club in Cardiff that is all about getting together with some like-minded readers to diversify our reading, the blog was a bit of a side-project, so I’m pleased that its becoming a reality.

I’ll be posting about the book club regularly here, so you can follow along if you’re not local, or not able to get to the meetings. Please read-along with us and join in the discussion in the comments section.

With that in mind, I really want to reach as many people in Cardiff, and beyond, so I have a few favours to ask… have you read my blog and enjoyed it? Fab. Please can you tell other people about it? That would be nice. Have you got any thoughts on what I have written? Pop me a comment. Or just tell me what you’re reading. I am always interested. Or just tell me about your pets, holidays or good sandwich experiences. Cheers!


PS. I went to Hay-on-Wye for the first time this weekend and obviously found my spiritual home. Managed to only walk away with four books which I think showed amazing restraint.


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