Review-ish: Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller

I feel like my thoughts on this one will be fairly predictable after my rave review of Circe. Yeah I bloody loved this. I find myself wanting to write that I loved it more than Circe but I think that’s because it is obviously just as poetically beautiful, but also a more familiar story and therefore more easily digestible. That’s not to say that Miller doesn’t turn Achilles story on its head and presents her own fresh perspective.

I find it really hard to describe her writing style. Its captivating and haunting and at the same time, neither of those words do it justice. I would confidently pick up anything she wrote and probably devour it in one sitting.

Song of Achilles is very moving, and I shouldn’t think I’d be spoiling anything by saying that. The story is hundreds of years old so if you don’t know Achilles’ fate by now, then I’m not apologising. Achilles is portrayed as a real (albeit touched by the Gods) and flawed human, as well as the warrior we know from the Illiad. Its his relationships with the other characters that make this telling so powerful; Patroclus, his best friend, Thetis, his mother and Briseis, the captive and trophy, all present a different and softer side to his personality.

Although Achilles is the protagonist, I would say that Patroclus is the hero and I will encourage you to read it to understand why. Whether you have an interest in the classics or not, this is storytelling at its best. Highly recommended!

I know it would be easy to assume from my reviews that I have never met a book that I don’t like, but honestly, if I really hate something I just don’t finish it. Life is far too short and there are too many books I want to read out there. More gushing reviews to come!


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